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Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK - Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency Startia

We are open on weekdays 8am-4pm. From 11.15 to 12.00 we have limited service. If we all are on client meetings and other meetings or on lunch, you can contact us by phone.

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Alatori 1 A, 3rd floor
65100 VAASA, Finland

Phone +358 6 317 7600 

Business ID 1850796-9


Antti Alasaari
Business Advisor
- Running companies, changes in ownership
- Regional responsibility: Laihia, Isokyrö, Vaasa
Riitta Bjorkenheim
Development Director
- Carbon Neutral Vaasa 202X project
Dalkvist Kenneth rajattu
Business Advisor
- Running companies, new entrepreneurs
- Regional responsibility: Vaasa
Mari Kattelus
Marketing Manager
Regional Communication and Marketing
Mauritz Knuts
Project Manager
- Future Cleantech Solutions project

VTT representative
Peter Kallberg
Project Manager
- Archipelago Attractions project
- Destination Kvarken project
- Kyrönmaan matkailuhanke project
Anna Matts Fransen
Logistics Expert, Project Manager
- MoveIT - Vähähiiliset liikennepalvelut Vaasan seudulla 2030 project

On family leave
Kjell Nydahl
Business Development Manager
- Changes in ownership, running companies,
- Regional responsibility: Korsnäs, Korsholm
Olav Nylund
Business Advisor
- Running companies, new entrepreneurs
- Regional responsibility: Malax, Vörå, Korsholm
Lasse Pohjala
Senior Business Advisor
- Establishment and internationalisation services
- Business and industrial properties
- Future Cleantech Solutions project, MAREN project
Tommi Virkama
Manager of Startia
- New entrepreneurs