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Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK - Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency Startia

We are open on weekdays 8am-4pm. From 11.15 to 12.00 we have limited service. If we all are on client meetings and other meetings or on lunch, you can contact us by phone.

Stefan Raback 1
- Company management
- Development projects and their funding
Antti Alasaari
Business Advisor
- Running companies, changes in ownership
- Regional responsibility: Laihia, Isokyrö, Vaasa
Dalkvist Kenneth rajattu
Business Advisor
- Running companies, new entrepreneurs, growth companies
- Business premises and facilities
- Regional responsibility: Vaasa, Korsholm
Ekstrom Jessica rajattu
Project Manager, building and infra sector
Haglund Maria GU6A0684 nelio
Project manager, skilled workforce and regional communication
- Attractive Vaasa Region project
Kristoffer Jansson www
Communications & Brand Manager
- Communications, events and stakeholder relations
- EnergyWeek coordination
Mari Kattelus
Marketing Manager
Regional Communication and Marketing
Eivor Koskela
- Customer service, appointments
Peter Kallberg
Project Manager, tourism
- Sustainable Travel project
- Bothnian Coastal Route project
- Developing air traffic
Malkamaki Hanna IMG 8179 rajattu
Project manager, sustainable development & circular economy
- Sustainable Ostrobothnia as a Forerunner project
Anna Matts Fransen
Project Manager, Logistics Expert
- Sustainable and Smart Port of the Future project
- Botnia Green Energy project
Kjell Nydahl
Business Development Director
- Changes in ownership, running companies
- Regional responsibility: Korsnäs
Olav Nylund
Business Advisor
- Running companies, new entrepreneurs
- Regional responsibility: Malax, Vörå
Lasse Pohjala
Senior Business Advisor
- MAREN project
- Botnia Green Energy project
- New energy economy in the Vaasa region
Pundars Tuija rajattu
Business Advisor
- Running companies, new entrepreneurs
- Businesses' workforce and competence needs
- Regional responsibility: Vaasa, Korsholm
Information Officer and Translator
On family leave