Regional development

In 2016–2020, development measures in the Vaasa region are steered by the regional vitality strategy "Vaasan seudun elinvoimastrategia", which was approved by the regions' municipalities in the spring of 2016. The aim of the strategy is to improve competitiveness through a joint aim of enhancing the vitality of the region. The four cornerstones of the strategy are internationally competitive businesses, global know-how, viable business environment and attractive services. 
Vaasan seudun elinvoimastrategia (in Finnish; in Swedish)

VASEKs role in regional development comprises
  • regional strategies and programs
  • projects with separate funding administered by VASEK (e.g. AIKO, European Regional Development Fund, Botnia-Atlantica, rural development programme)
  • Counterpart funding allocated by VASEK for development projects carried out by other organizations
  • VASEK participates in various projects as a partner, member of executive and working groups or in other tasks and also with no financial contribution.
Growth agreement

Vaasa was one of six cities in Finland included in the growth agreement with the central government in 2016-2018. The region's agreement included three focus areas: strengthening of the international competitiveness, development of digitalisation and innovation environment and creation of a national competence cluster in the gas sector. VASEK participated in the preparation of the Vaasa growth agreement, in the implementation of projects as well as in financing projects included in the agreement.  
Vaasa region's growth agreement application (in Finnish)    
Regional innovations and experimentations (AIKO)  

INKA - Innovative cities

The aim of the programme that was started in 2014 was to create internationally attractive innovation clusters in Finland based on top-notch talent. Vaasa had the national responsibility of the theme Sustainable Energy Solutions. VASEK participated in the preparation of the Vaasa program and in financing its projects.
Vaasa region's application Sustainable Energy Solutions (in Finnish)

General information about the Vaasa region 

Completed projects and programs