Accessibility Statement

This is the Accessibility Statement for the website of Vasa Regione Development Company VASEK. The Accessibility Statement applies to the service and was prepared on September 21, 2023.

We have used the Salvia testing software to evaluate the technical accessibility of the website. We have assessed the accessibility of the content ourselves.

Status of Digital Service Accessibility

Partially complies with accessibility requirements.

Inaccessible Content:

The website is not yet fully compliant with the requirements. Regarding older documents, such as brochures and other attached files, we refer to an undue burden.

We will renew our website in 2024, with a specific focus on improving accessibility.

Below is a list of accessibility issues we have identified so far and have not been able to address at this stage:

  • Documents created with office software are not entirely accessible.
  • Not all of our pages have captions for videos. We will add captions to all new videos, and older videos will be taken down when their content becomes outdated.
  • There are texts on our pages where the maximum possible contrast does not meet the minimum requirements. This will be addressed in the next website update.
  • VASEK's websites contain several PDF documents that are not accessible. These are created by us or our partners. Documents will be made accessible during the update work if their content is still current or relevant.
  • Our pages include elements imported as RSS feeds from other services to our pages. Not all of these elements have accessible names, or they are empty. This will be examined more closely during the website update in 2024.
  • Not all our images have accessible names. We will also address this for older content that is still relevant.
  • Links are sometimes ambiguously marked both visually and for screen readers. For example, links that open attached files are sometimes inconsistently marked. There are also links leading away from the website that are not separately labeled.

Attachment documents may have the following deficiencies:

  • Alternative text descriptions for images and form fields are missing.
  • Reading order and document structure codes have not been defined.
  • Navigation aids (links, bookmarks, headers, tab order) may be missing.
  • The language of the document may not be specified. Documents may be bilingual.
  • Form fields may not be interactive.
  • Protective measures that may interfere with assistive programs (such as screen readers) may occur.

Need content in an accessible format?

You can request information from the documents by contacting us

Did you notice accessibility issues on our website? Please let us know, and we will do our best to address them.

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