The municipalities of the Vaasa region include Vaasa, Isokyrö, Korsnäs, Laihia, Malax, Korsholm and Vörå. In some statistics, it is possible to choose a view of individual municipalities in the Vaasa region. In the upper right corner of the graph there is a drop-down menu from which you can change the municipality view.

I you can't see the whole graph, you can change the size of the page by using the browser's zoom. If the graph can be seen only partially, at the end of the last graph there is a grey bar and you can scroll the page laterally.

When you hover your mouse over the graph, you get more specific information about its contents.

Each statistic view has a brief explanation of what that graph shows. The statistics also indicate when they were last updated. The statistics are best displayed on a computer screen. On a mobile, some graphs are only partially visible or the table has to be moved by using the sidebar.

We have included data from other cities in some of the graphs, making it easy to make comparisons between different regions. The reference cities (Tampere, Oulu and Lappeenranta) have been selected on the basis of their profile; they are of the same type of economic structure, university towns or otherwise interesting in terms of their development.

Get to know the Vaasa region in the light of the statistics - you will definitely find a lot of interesting information.

The statistics are maintained by Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK.


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