Vaasa Region Development Company


1st row: Eivor Koskela, Jessica Ekström, Stefan Råback, Anna Måtts-Fransén, Kristoffer Jansson
2nd row: Kenneth Dalkvist, Antti Alasaari, Tommi Virkama, Kjell Nydahl, Riitta Björkenheim, Johanna Hietikko-Koljonen, Olav Nylund, Tuija Räihä-Pundars, Mari Kattelus, Emelie Toppari, Lasse Pohjala, Hanna Malkamäki
(Peter Källberg missing from the picture)

The Vaasa Region Development Company (VASEK) was founded in 2003 and is jointly owned by seven towns and municipalities on the West Coast of Finland. VASEK promotes and reinforces growth and competitiveness in the region. This is done by improving the preconditions for business activities in the Vaasa region in cooperation with the regional authorities, municipalities, local action groups and enterprises.

As the region is known for its entrepreunerial spirit and traditions, it is also equipped with a strong will to succeed. Outsourcing and the increasing use of subcontractors contribute to the fact that more and more small and medium-sized companies are being established. Our main objective is to help these SMEs to grow and be a part of the flourishing Vaasa Region - one of the most attractive and innovative environments in Finland for companies and employees.

Vision, mission, values

VASEK's role as the driving force of the region is strong. We know the objectives of our work and we also endeavor to achieve them. Working on one's own does not lead to success and that is the reason why we have an intense cooperation with different actors in the region. We know already how good our region is and how many opportunities are offered here, also for new inhabitants, students and businesses. Our common goal is to spread this information, to strengthen the competitiveness in various fields and offer the best development opportunities possible for the industrial and commercial life of the region.

VASEK's communication


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How do you proceed in the process of starting a business? Does it feel complicated? Our business advisors at VASEK will help you from the start to the end, book a free appointment today or call the number 06 317 76 00. Here are the big five to keep in mind when starting your own business.
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EnergyWeek 2023 attracted a record number of visitors to the seminars and exhibitions in Vaasa last week. – This year, too, EnergyWeek lasted the whole week and became more extensive than before; we had more visitors than ever. This was noticeable even before the event week on Monday when 30% more people had registered than in previous years, says Kristoffer...
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The Energy and Innovation Awards were presented on 22 March.
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EnergyWeek arranged for the 11th time next week

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The energy industry's top event EnergyWeek will be held at Vaasa City Hall between 20 and 24 March. Registration opened on 15 January, and the enrolment numbers are good. Once again, thousands of participants from dozens of different countries are expected to attend EnergyWeek, and exhibitors have made numerous reservations throughout the four exhibition days.
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FMG and FREYR Battery collaborate to establish an LFP cathode material plant in Vaasa

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Finnish Minerals Group and FREYR Battery have signed a cooperation agreement to assess the feasibility of establishing an LFP cathode material plant in Vaasa. The parties are exploring opportunities for a joint venture.
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