Please take a look through these frequently asked questions – maybe you'll find an answer to your question on starting a business.

VALUE ADDED TAX. Does it concern me?

All businesses producing goods or services are subject to the value added tax (VAT), and a declaration to the Finnish Tax Administration must be done before commencing operations. Certain business operations are not liable to register to the VAT register, for example if sales for the accounting period are less than 8,500 EUR. Study the regulations at www.vero.fi.

BOOKKEEPING? Who will help me with financial statements?

It is best to start with defining your and your business' needs, and to ask prices from various accounting offices in order to receive the best and most suitable service.

MARKETING. How to market my business?

How much of your own time you will use for information and marketing is up to you. Remember that your success depends on marketing strategies – how else will you reach customers and start making profit? VASEKs business advisors can also help you with marketing.


Questions and answers to the subject are found at the website of the Finnish Tax Administration. Accounting offices and consultants with thorough experience on taxation can also help.

RECRUITMENT. Where do I find employees?

Employment and Economic Development Office will help you with recruiting personnel.

START-UP GRANT. How do I apply?

Contact you local Employment and Economic Development Office to enquire about possibilities for obtaining a start-up grant. More information on start-up grants.

TAXATION? Detailed information on taxation, available where?

Value added tax, how to enrol in the VAT-register or in the register for collection of tax at source? An entrepreneurs personal taxation? Start with the Finnish Tax Administration. You can also directly contact the tax service. The tax authorities give out advance information (subject to a fee) when needed to decide on special issues.

OFFICIAL PERMITS and LICENCES. Do I need a licence for my business? What if there are changes to my business?

For certain industries, you need a licence to be able to commence business operations. See Licenced trades. If you are a foreign entrepreneur in Finland, do read the information here.

COMPULSORY FEES. Are there a lot of them?

A full-time entrepreneur usually has to pay advance taxes, entrepreneur's pension insurance (YEL) and value added tax (VAT). Study regulations for these in 
Guide – Becoming An Entrepreneur in Finland.


Information on how to register a new business as well as necessary forms and instructions how to fill in them are available at Finnish Patent and Registration Office.


Instructions for how to change the form of your business are available from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. It is advisable to go through with an accountant office how the change will affect taxation.

Which is the right FORM OF BUSINESS?

An entrepreneur has a number of choices when selecting the form of enterprise: sole trader, general partnership, limited partnership, limited company, cooperative. All of these are equally suitable options but it is important to think through what is the goal of the business operations. If the intension is to secure a steady level of income for one person and his or her family, sole trader is often the best alternative. If business operations include risks and/or there are plans to expand operations, the number one choice is a limited company. More information at EnterpriseFinland.


Please contact the Finnish Centre of Pensions for information on the pension insurance and how the size of payment is determined.