Vision, mission, values



The most efficient Finnish regional development company VASEK develops the Vaasa region into our country’s most inviting and successful city area through strong collaboration.


  • VASEK provides professional services in all stages of the business lifecycle.
  • VASEK furthers regional growth, the development of the business environment and the cooperation between organisations.
  • VASEK conveys information about the region and its potential distinctively to ensure the availability of labour force.


VASEK piktogrammi kirja merkki RGB2We know

We are competent, and we love to learn. We are genuinely interested in our operational environment. We provide all of our professional skills and knowledge for the good of our clients, colleagues, and the whole region.


VASEK piktogrammi kattely RGBWe do 

We are keen to take the new opportunities with courage. Together, we are more – networks are important for what we do. We take the initiative and operate reliably.


VASEK piktogrammi ihminen sydan RGB2We care

We care about others and support each other. We are friendly and open. All of us have the opportunity and freedom to learn something new every day.


VASEK piktogrammi kuppi RGBWe are here for you

We are here for you; we will encourage and help you. We work hard for our clients, owners and the success of the whole Vaasa region.