New energy economy in the Vaasa region

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The development of carbon-free forms of energy in the future will depend on the successful interconnection of different energy systems. This applies both to individual pilot projects and to developments at regional and national level.

The aim of the project is to increase the EnergyVaasa cluster's awareness of the business opportunities of the future energy system and to promote sector coupling by ensuring the EnergyVaasa cluster's potential to fully benefit from the energy transition. The aim of the project is to coordinate the hydrogen economy and other new green forms of energy by promoting the participation of companies and other actors in the Vaasa region in national and international networks, promoting cooperation between companies and operators, and sharing information and know-how in a centralised and understandable manner.

  • Project time: 1.9.2023–31.8.2025
  • Budget: 84 972 euros (VASEK's share)
  • Project partners: Merinova, Vaasa Region Development Company