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Professional assistance for your company's ownership transition

With over 330,000 entrepreneurs in Finland, the business landscape is dynamic. According to the latest SME barometer (2/2024), 15 per cent of companies are planning to change ownership in the next two years. Nine percent of SMEs are interested in buying a company or business in the next two years.

Omistajanvaihdosneuvonta kuvituskuva

At VASEK, we understand that contemplating exiting your business or planning retirement might seem distant. However, it's essential to consider your options early. Transitioning ownership doesn't mean the end of your company's legacy; it's an opportunity to secure its future.

Starting preparations early provides ample time to assess your business's readiness for sale and weigh various strategies. While there's no one-size-fits-all solution, our team offers tailored assistance every step of the way. Benefit from the insights and connections of experienced entrepreneurs who have navigated similar transitions.

We provide complimentary, confidential support for both selling and acquiring businesses. Whether you're passing the torch or seeking a new venture, we're here to facilitate a seamless transition.

If closure becomes inevitable due to unprofitability, our experts can guide you through a controlled shutdown.

Contact our experts and start the ownership transition process for your company today!

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