Attractive Vaasa Region

OS 5394

In the Ostrobothnia region, there is the best employment situation in the country, leading to a significant need for labor already at this moment. The area is currently witnessing historic industrial and infrastructure investments that, if realized, will create a substantial demand for labor in various sectors. The main objective of the Attractive Vaasa Region project is to take various measures to attract a sufficient number of skilled workers to the Vaasa region to ensure its competitiveness in the tightening competition among regions. Additionally, the goal is to identify best practices for promoting workforce availability and increasing collaboration among different stakeholders. These are essential prerequisites for achieving the objectives.

The project's primary target group consists of recent university graduates from different universities across Finland. A key focus is also on skilled individuals already in the labor market and families with children who have not yet committed to a permanent residence. An additional special target group in the project includes individuals who have recently become unemployed or are at risk of unemployment due to significant structural changes in some other area.

Efforts to integrate university students in Vaasa will continue because they are an important target group for improving workforce availability in the region. Efforts to attract and retain university students will be ongoing, and common meeting opportunities will be further developed so that an increasing number of university students choose to stay in the region after graduation.

The measures implemented through the project will help companies and organizations find the necessary workforce, so the project's activities will be carried out in collaboration with these parties. As the goal is to encounter many potential new employees, participation in various recruitment fairs at different universities is planned. The intention is to organize events and activities in collaboration with different stakeholders to showcase job openings, the activities of employers, and the strengths of the region as a potential new place of residence.

The project, in its own way, works towards better recognition of the Vaasa region among specific target groups in Finland. As a result of the project, employers in the Vaasa region will find it easier in the future to address workforce availability challenges because Vaasa will be better known as a place to build a career. Improved recognition of the region, in general, enhances the competitiveness and growth of businesses operating in the area.

  • Project time 1.9.2023-30.6.2025
  • Budget 214 286 euros