Destination Kvarken

VaasanKanoottikerho10 KatjaLosonen 2014

The projects main target is to increase the amount of domestic and foreign tour operators who include our area in their supply, by developing a concept for shared and intensified marketing activities. Further, we plan to arouse media interest in our destination, resulting in increasing visibility both towards the desired travel arrangers and also towards the end-customers in our priority markets.

Destination Kvarken aims at increasing the amount of visitors in an area covering some attractions within the domains of the following destination companies: Visit Vaasa, Visit Umeå, High Coast Destination Development, South Ostrobothnia Tourist Service, Visit Kokkola, Visit Jakobstad Region and Visit Kristinestad. Further, the project aims at arousing media interest in order to gain more visibility, both in the eyes of tour operators but also end customers in some prioritised markets. Sustainability and equality are important values in the project.

The project shall promote growth, not just through internationalisation but also through a conscious focus on digitalisation, research and development, and the opportunities this offers for improving the competitiveness of the tourism industry in this region. Hanken School of Economics will provide this competence in the project.

Partners: Kvarken Council (Lead Part), Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, Hanken School of Economics, Umeå Municipality, High Coast Destination Development Inc.

Financiers: Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, Kvarken Council (FI), Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK (FI), Hanken School of Economics (FI), Umeå Municipality (SE), High Coast Destination Development Inc. (SE), Regional Council of Ostrobothnia (FI), Region Västerbotten (SE), Region Västernorrland (SE), Provincial Government Västernorrland (SE), City of Vaasa/Visit Vasa (FI), South Ostrobothnia Tourist Service Ltd (Seinäjoki) (FI), Kokkola Tourism Ltd (FI), Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia Ltd (FI), Visit Kristinestad (FI), NLC Ferry (FI)

Project duration: 1.8.2018 – 31.12.2021