In the sustainable battery value chain from Innovations towards investments

OS 5773

Vaasa aims to establish Finland's most environmentally friendly battery ecosystem, aspiring to create the world's greenest battery ecosystem. The term GigaVaasa refers to an industrial park spanning over 350 hectares, designated for the battery industry, with a focus on providing a sustainably developed industrial environment for battery chemistry. The objective is to attract battery industry players committed to sustainability to set up operations in the area. Besides sustainability, the industrial park aims to ensure the long-term competitiveness of companies through its robust infrastructure.

The project's goal is to advance the next phase of the GigaVaasa concept, transitioning from plot reservations and permits to the implementation phase within the project area. Primarily, the project aims to address key development targets identified as critical at this stage, including:

  1. Developing a customer management system for entities with plot reservations. This system will streamline operations in the upcoming phase of GigaVaasa, ensuring efficient service delivery to essential personnel and departments within the companies in the area.
  2. Communicating progress within the region and preparing for the growing demand for labor. Planning for a promotional campaign has been completed, taking into consideration the needs of the battery value chain. An event concept has also been developed and piloted to support the development of the battery value chain within the GigaVaasa area, ensuring engagement with relevant stakeholders.
  3. Enhancing transportation infrastructure within the GigaVaasa area, particularly focusing on sea and rail connections. This involves promoting logistics connections to the port, main roads, and the Finnish rail network. Stakeholder engagement and lobbying efforts are included to facilitate the implementation of infrastructure improvements in collaboration with the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia.
  • Project time: 11.2024-30.6.2025
  • Budget: 393 951 euros
  • Project partners: Oy Merinova Ab, Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, Vaasa Facilita Oy Ab