Ostrobothnian Business Transfers

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The aim of the project is to better utilize ownership changes as a support for company growth. The purpose is to develop and test tools that demonstrate how ownership changes can promote company growth. Tests will be conducted in the form of workshops, which will be carried out in collaboration with experts.

We intend to explore artificial intelligence as a tool for growth. Additionally, we will examine sustainability aspects, which will gain even greater importance in the future from a growth perspective.

The project activities also include measures to create meeting places for ownership changes. We will test various event formats, emphasizing the importance of well-planned ownership changes and the growth opportunities they offer to companies. These meeting places and opportunities will be organized in various forms, with experts providing information.

As the third area of the project, we will develop and document the process for managing unplanned ownership changes. Unplanned ownership changes often lead to crisis situations, and a clear action plan is essential for the continuity of business operations in a controlled manner.

Experiences and materials from previous projects will be fully utilized.

The project will result in clear growth plans for companies that have undergone a change in ownership, established meeting places in the region where ownership change processes can begin, and an action plan for handling unplanned ownership changes.


  • Project time: 1.11.2023–31.10.2026
  • Budget: 340 822 euros
  • Project partners: Concordia, Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, Dynamo Närpes, Kristiinankaupungin elinkeinokeskus