Profitability from energy efficiency

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Companies' competitiveness and even the prerequisite for their operations depends a lot on how they adapt to climate change and the challenges it brings. Energy efficiency measures and the company's ability to invest in new sustainable energy solutions are constantly increasing in importance when evaluating companies' competitiveness. Companies' awareness of new energy efficiency and sustainable solutions for energy production is partly incomplete.

The main goal of the project is to create an energy consulting service concept that will be used in business development in the future and to increase companies' awareness of how to promote energy efficiency and what support opportunities are available for green transition measures and investments. The concept is an energy advisory guide intended for use by business advisors, which guides business advisors to identify customer needs and systematically go through improvement proposals, as well as guide them to follow-up measures.

The second guide is created to support the entrepreneurs themselves, when they are looking at energy efficiency measures and support opportunities and actors for them. The goal of the project is to promote the introduction of energy-efficient operating models in companies and thus bring savings to companies that directly improve business results and improve competitiveness. At the same time, the project significantly implements a green transition in companies, when improved energy efficiency and new sustainable solutions for energy production reduce carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change.

As a result of the project, electronic guides will be created for the use of business advisors and companies to identify energy efficiency measures and support their implementation. VASEK's website maintains a database of information on how to promote the energy efficiency of your company. Information is also imported, e.g. through webinars and events. The project supports companies' adaptation to climate change because it strengthens know-how related to a carbonneutral economy.

  • Project time: 1.9.2023-31.8.2025
  • Budget: 242 102 euros
  • Project partners: Vaasa Region Developmpent Company VASEK, Oy Merinova Ab