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Webinar on Waterborne Technology Platform

11:00 - 13:00


Welcome to a webinar on Waterborne Technology Platform: Wednesday, 15 February, 2023.

Waterborne Technology Platform (www.waterborne.eu) is the European research and innovation platform for waterborne industries. The strategic objects of waterborne are;

  • Establish a continuous dialogue between all stakeholders in the waterborne transport sector and in other waterborne-related sectors on R&D
  • Contribute to the widest possible consensus regarding R&D and to focusing of efforts and resources
  • Develop a common medium- and long-term R&D Vision and a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)
  • Contribute to the appropriate mobilisation and allocation of the necessary financial resources (private/regional/national/EU sources)
  • Contribute to the social expectations regarding clean, competitive and safe waterborne transport as well as regarding other waterborne-related activities, including education and training.

Åsa Burman, Director of Lighthouse and Vice-chair of Waterborne, will present on how Waterborne is structured and how organizations can engage and benefit from the platform and Andreas Bach, RISE will present upcoming project calls that is of interest for the maritime industry.

Date: 2023-02-15
Time: 11:00 – 13:00 Finnish time (Swedish time 10:00 – 12:00)

This webinar is organized by MAREN, a project funded by Nordic Innovation.

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