Establishing your own business in Finland

08.06.2011 | News
Hanken Fortbildning Vasa arranges a course in Establishing your own business in Finland in co-operation with the Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and Startia, the Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency.
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Vaasa Wind Exchange Is Going To Be a Success

15.03.2011 | News
- We are so glad that the demand for exhibitor space was so large, comments Riitta Björkenheim, Marketing Manager at VASEK and responsible for Vaasa Wind Exchange's information and marketing, cheerfully. - All exhibitor spaces have been booked and those registering now have to queue and wait if there will...
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Wind Power Construction Benefits Municipalities

17.02.2011 | News
- There are enterprises in Malax and other municipalities in the Vaasa region that could work on renewable energy in the future, describes Mats Brandt, the Municipal Manager of Malax.
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Vaasa Wind Exchange Aggregates Operators in the Field of Wind Power

04.02.2011 | News
Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK and Merinova Technology Centre invite the most important operators in the field of wind power in Finland and the neighbouring region to Vaasa on Tuesday 22nd March. The Vaasa Wind Exchange event offers the manufacturers and developers of wind power and the authorities controlling the...
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Vaasa Wind Exchange in March

15.01.2011 | News
Due to the strategic objective to increase renewable energy, Finland offers great prospects in wind power. We would therefore like to give you a heads up and welcome you to Vaasa WindExchange arranged on 22 March 2011 in Vaasa, Finland.
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Commission approves public support for Vaasa regional airport in Finland

14.01.2010 | News
The European Commission decided today not to raise any objections to Finland's plan to support infrastructure investments in Vaasa regional airport. The total amount of public financing will amount up to three million euros.Ostrobothnia region and surrounding territories currently lack specialised facilities for air cargo handling, which puts companies there...
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