At the Travelling in Finland trade fair in Tampere today, Korsholm-based Kalle’s Inn was selected the Finnish Travel Company of the Year.

The Jury explained their selection criteria as follows: “The company has renewed itself in a great way over the last few years, especially with its seaside glass cottages, which are a favourite destination among Japanese tourists, for example. Kalle’s Inn has made significant investments in its business activities in the last couple of years and they have a strong desire to keep growing and investing. There are still very few companies along the coast that offer year-round experiences, particularly for international tourists, and the Jury finds that Kalle’s Inn shows definite pioneering spirit.”

Where the sea opens up

Kalle’s Inn has been in business for more than 30 years and is located in Klobbskat on the island of Replot, where the road ends and the sea opens wide. In the autumn of 2017, Kalle’s Inn built eight stunning glass lodges right by the shore for visitors to stay in. These 18 square metre modern cottages have two beds, a shower and air conditioning. Each one offers a superb panorama of the sea in three directions, and the glass structures have been positioned so that they also provide privacy.

“Uniqueness is always the key, regardless of the business you’re in. The nature here is unparalleled; you won’t find a place like this anywhere else. Add to that our first-rate services and gourmet food, and you can’t lose. We only offer the very best quality,” says Managing Director Freddi Skott.

Spending the night so close to nature is an extraordinary experience that has attracted a lot of local interest. So far, the company’s largest group of customers has consisted of the international companies based in the region, but this is about to change, as the share of individual tourists keeps growing.

“Customers also return to stay in the glass cottages again and again, because the guests of our corporate clients are always new and want to experience the magic again in their free time. And of course, spending the night right by the sea is a totally different experience depending on the season. This will be the first spring and summer that visitors can stay in our glass houses.”

An honour for the whole Vaasa region

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Managing Director of Visit Vaasa, Max Jansson, comments that the choice of Kalle’s Inn as the Finnish Travel Company of the Year is a great honour for the entire Vaasa region:

“This is clear proof that our region is top class as far as Finnish tourism products go. The package that Kalle’s Inn provides is perfect and suitable for all target groups. The visibility this prize will bring for the company will in turn generate visibility for the entire region and especially the Kvarken World Heritage Site.”

Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK’s project manager for tourism, Peter Källberg, is delighted that Skott has had the courage to invest and take a risk. He hopes this will inspire other tourism entrepreneurs in the region to do the same.

“Skott joined our project for tourism companies with an open mind and this is the remarkable result. The Archipelago Attractions project involves four companies and its object is to build together a group of services for tourists, which includes programme services as well as accommodation.”

In Jansson and Källberg’s view, the region needs to offer more of these kinds of experiences:

“Kalle’s Inn combines top-quality services with the unique nature of the Kvarken. The location offers a profound experience for everyone, regardless of where you come from or what time of year it is!”

The Jury that selected the Finnish Travel Company of the Year consists of: Anne-Marget Hellén, Turku Touring / Suoma ry; Jari Ahjoharju, Visit Tampere; Kristiina Hietasaari, Visit Finland; Mari Noromies-Wahl, the Town of Forssa; and Tanja Järvensivu, the Tourism and Conference Committee of the Tampere Chamber of Commerce.

Further information

Freddi Skott, Kalle’s Inn
+358 40 830 8874

Peter Källberg, Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK
+358 40 844 258

Max Jansson, Visit Vaasa
+358 40 533 5083


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