Why should I move sustainably?

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Transport as part of the sustainability targets

The emissions from transport make up approximately a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions in Finland, and 95 percent of transport emissions come from road traffic. The target is to halve transport greenhouse gas emissions in Finland by the year 2030 compared to the emission level of the year 2005. By 2045 emissions should be at zero.

It is considered that in order to achieve these targets in Finland, three measures are needed:

  • Reducing the number of kilometres driven by improving services and traffic systems
  • Improving the energy efficiency of transport vehicles
  • Introducing renewable fuels


(Sources: Final report by the Transport Climate Policy working group 12 December 2018LVM 2018: Toimenpideohjelma hiilettömään liikenteeseen 2045 Liikenteen ilmastopolitiikan työryhmän loppuraportti as well as LVM 2021: hallituksen päätös tieliikenteen päästöjen vähennyskeinoista)

Report on the health impacts of traffic

The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has published an extensive report in 2021, according to which the health benefits of pedestrian and cycling traffic in Finland are greater than the combined health drawbacks from traffic. The report is the first comprehensive summary of the health impacts of traffic in Finland and one of the few of this kind worldwide.

Mobility statistics in Vaasa

A comprehensive and easy to read information package regarding the mobility statistics of the city of Vaasa was created in 2019. The topics covered include traffic Co2-emissions, health impacts, land use and accessibility, mode of transport distribution, transport network, car ownership and parking, traffic safety, the vitality of the city centre and pedestrians and cyclists as customers. Even though the material consists of information concerning the city of Vaasa, the information package is an informative look into the subject also for those living in other municipalities.

Cost comparison of modes of transport

The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has created the KULKURI-calculator which you can use to compare the cost differences of different modes of transport.