Public transport

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The popularity of public transport is increasing, and the service level will be raised in the Vaasa region in the coming years. Traveling by public transport is more energy efficient than private driving. Walking or cycling a reasonable distance to a public transport stop is also a good way for maintaining good health. For example, a user of public transport takes on average 2000 more steps daily than a person using their own car. Public transport is also an action for the climate.

Information about public transport supply and schedules can be found from different sources. For example, you can try a schedule search in the national, which combines schedule and route information from different service providers. Information can also be searched for example by municipality or service provider.

Public transport information in the Vaasa city region

Ticket and payment method information

Payment methods vary with different operators. Ticket products, card or cash are usually used as payment methods. It is suggested to check the acceptable payment methods / payment methods in use from the website of the service provider:

Schedule information of operators

Public operators  



The City of Vaasa's and the Municipality of Korsholm's new regional public transport system is called Lifti and is being planned and developed together with the residents. The municipalities are committed to the common public transport area of competence which begun to operate in 2022. Besides the own brand, the change can be seen in the form of new bus routes. The goal of the new public transport area of competence is to increase the use of public transport in all user groups.

The purpose of the new bus routes of Lifti is to make the everyday life of the residents easier and thus motivate to use public transport. Nowadays it is common to drive even short trips by car in the Vaasa region, even though in the city of Vaasa, for example, 87% of the residents live less than 300 metres away from the closest bus stop.