The sustainable future of the construction industry in the Vasa region

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At the moment, there is an enormous pace of change in the construction industry with major adjustments and challenges. The region's actors do not keep up with the requirements and changes, and have difficulty in developing their own activities, as well as increasing their level of knowledge, skills and motivation.

The construction industry and the built environment are crucial in combating climate change, which according to the latest IPCC report requires our highest priority. Therefore, there is strong pressure and expectations on the actors in the construction industry to reduce energy consumption, the carbon footprint, environmental impact and emissions for the built environment. The construction industry as a whole is facing a huge challenge with the green and sustainable transformation. To solve this problem, a development project is needed that can support the process of the actors in the construction industry.

For several years, VASEK has gathered challenges and needs from actors in the construction industry as a basis for the preparation of this project. The project's main goal is to raise the level of knowledge, skills and motivation of all actors in the construction industry when it comes to the challenges and solutions that exist when it comes to the green transition and to achieve the goal of being carbon neutral.

The project's direct target groups are companies in the construction industry, municipalities and educational institutes that have programs related to the construction industry.

The project will select different theme areas where information and tools are collected and refined into formats that are easier for the actors to implement. Information and tools are presented at various events and meetings (physical, digital and hybrid) that are carried out during the project.

  • Project time: 1.1.2022-30.6.2023
  • Budget: 166 760 euros