Sustainable construction

Finland has set the ambitious goal of becoming one of the pioneering countries in the application of circular economy thinking. As buildings and construction consume a significant share of our natural resources and energy, construction sector has an important role to play in the transition to the circular economy. In addition to this, the construction sector generates large amounts of waste. It is therefore important to promote the reuse and recycling of building materials.

Life cycle thinking as a part of design choices

Life cycle design helps to control future risks, thus creating added value for property owners and users. The most meaningful opportunities for optimisation are presented in connection with the requirement assessment and project design.

Carbon footprint calculation methods and expertise

The most effective way to manage a building’s carbon footprint is to take action at the early stages of a project. The results of the calculation will help operators to identify key emission sources and potential ways to reduce emissions. 

Circular solutions for the construction sector

Circular construction requires attention to material choices, networking, careful planning and collaboration. At best, a circular approach may even result in new business opportunities. Operators who start to incorporate the circular practices into their business now will have an advantage over those who start later.

  • These tools allow operators to assess and manage the environmental impacts of their projects. Summary of the guides

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