Logistics Solutions

 >> Partly financed with funds from ERDF (Regional Council of Ostrobothnia), prepared within the Regional Cohesion and Competitiveness Programme
>> Budget: 400,000 EUR (2010-2013)

The main task is to develop logistics infrastructure projects that are strategically important for the region, as well as to enhance interaction, networking and especially communication between businesses and the public sector. The location of the harbor, airport, main roads, railway and the region's industry in relation to each other forms the foundation for developing the logistics infrastructure in its entirety. This, in turn, provides the means to further increase the region's attractiveness and the businesses' competitiveness.

The emphasis is on forming a new logistics center in the region: to concentrate logistic functions into the area limited by the airport, the railway, and the main roads 3 and 8. Among the aims for this joint project of the city of Vaasa and the municipality of Korsholm, are to rationalize goods transports, to answer the logistics actors' need of business premises and, with the completion of the Nordic Logistics Centre in Umeå and the Botniabanan high-speed railway, to support new, alternative transport channels and also the development of the Vaasa harbor.


Brochure: Vaasa Region Logistics Park

Brochure in Finnish
Brochure in Swedish