Vaasa region is Finland’s number one region in energy technology

Together with the City of Vaasa, other municipalities and companies in the region, we are working to ensure that the region is known in Finland for outstanding energy technology and considered a happy place to live and work. We help companies create visibility for job vacancies and improve employer image.

The Vaasa region's leading area and at the same time the largest employer is energy technology. As much as 30% of Finland's energy technology exports come from the Vaasa region, making us a global and significant player on the world market. VASEK's task is to coordinate the work with EnergyVaasa and to work closely with both companies in the energy industry and Vaasa's higher education institutions. An important partner in the development work in the industry is Technology Centre Merinova.

Mari Kattelus
Marketing Manager
Mari Kattelus
Regional Communication and Marketing
Skilled workforce

In the future, we will need more experts in companies working to solve the challenges of climate change. Competition for skilled workforce is fierce and we need to take our place in the competition if we want the best experts for our region.

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EnergyVaasa cluster

We are responsible for communications within the EnergyVaasa brand and, together with a number of stakeholders, organize the annual EnergyWeek event for experts in the energy sector.