What is a good business idea?


microsoft 365 FHhbHW4vFxc unsplashA business idea is essential when starting your own business, as the business can simply not be created without it. However, your business idea does not have to be fully finished from the start. At Startia, our business advisers will help you refine your idea into a real business, book an appointment here.

Need help to ideate your perfect business idea? Read the following tips below to get inspiration!  

  1. Problem-solving
    A good business idea provides a solution to a problem instead of creating new ones.  

  2. Passion
    A good business idea concerns something you are passionate about. When you have the complete freedom to choose what you want to pursue, choose something you enjoy. 

  3. Demand
    A good business idea should be a product or service that is sought out by potential customers on the market.  

  4. Feasible
    A good business idea must be feasible with the resources that are available for you.  

  5. Understandable
    A good business idea should be easy to understand as this makes it easier for you to receive, for example, financial support from financiers.   

  6. Competetive advantage  
    A good business idea should provide a competitive advantage or have special characteristics that set it apart from other businesses on the market.  

We at VASEK will help you out from the start to the end. Book an appointment at STARTIA today to get started with your new business. 

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