The big 5 when starting a business


thisisengineering raeng hOCYuLmTTnY unsplashHow do you proceed in the process of starting a business? Does it feel complicated? Our business advisors at VASEK will help you out from the start to the end, book a free appointment today or call the number 06 317 76 00. 

Below are the big five to keep in mind when starting your own business. 

  1. Business idea 

    A good business idea should be realistic and doable. When you have the complete freedom to choose what you want to pursue, choose something you enjoy! It will ease the process. The business idea does not need to be finished, book an appointment today and we will help you out. In the meantime, does the ideation process feel difficult? Read more tips for a good business idea here.  

  2. Pricing

    It would be best if you had a clear picture of the price of your product or service and an idea of how much payout you need. The production price and other external factors will also affect the final pricing. 

  3. Accounting 

    It is highly important to take care of finances as soon as possible. We recommend hiring an accounting agency to help you with the accounting tasks. An accounting agency will be one of your most important partners, so choose carefully. Pick an agency that suits your business the best; it does not always have to be the cheapest option.

  4. Capital

    You must ensure that your business has enough capital to start with corporate activities. In some cases you may have enough assets yourself. In others, you may need to take out loans. Potential investors of your business will appreciate that you have a clear plan regarding this aspect.   

  5. Sales & marketing  

    Who are your customers, and how will they find your business? Think about questions related to sales and marketing, and try to step into the customers’ shoes. It is also wise to invest in building the business’ brand image. We recommend you hiring an expert to create your image, web pages, graphics, and texts.  

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