viistoilmakuvaPreparation of the GigaVaasa industrial zone in the wider metropolitan district of Vaasa and the municipality of Mustasaari is now ready for substantial battery-factory investment. The large industrial zone consists of two different sites – the largest being approximately 180 hectares.

– This is a fantastic milestone! Now we really have something concrete to offer to battery-value-chain players, beams GigaVaasa Sales and marketing Director Marko Kuokkanen. We can offer the location to a battery factory as well as enable the establishment of related functions and other industries in the region.

An environmental impact assessment programme (EIA-programme) has already been completed.

Future grids and marine solutions made in Vaasa

Vaasa is always high on the list when talking about electricity grids of the future. We are known as EnergyVaasa, and with over 100 years of history in energy technology, we form the largest energy cluster in the Nordic countries. As much as 90% of Finland’s R&D within electricity and automation happens in Vaasa. We can proudly say that Vaasa is the “silicon valley” of Smart Grids and future marine solutions.

Here, the companies of the region are already building smart grids and smart solutions for the global market. As grid storage becomes an essential part of the smart grid, establishing battery manufacturing in Vaasa makes good sense and provides access to global markets.

Unique location

The GigaVaasa industrial zone is well placed logistically, with good rail and road connections, a short distance to the harbour and an airport on the doorstep. The road and rail connections are part of European networks, and Kvarken Ports provides direct access to Sweden and opportunities to Baltic, European and Atlantic ports. Vaasa international airport has regular direct flights to Helsinki and Stockholm, thus providing flexible connections to all major cities, both in Europe and globally. In addition, the GigaVaasa industrial zone is located in the middle of key mineral deposits, i.e. lithium, cobalt and nickel, which are needed for battery production.

For more information:

Tomas Häyry
Mayor of Vaasa,
+358 40 540 5412,
Call back requests to Ulla Huhmarsalo, phone +358 6 325 1022

Marko Kuokkanen
Sales and Marketing Director, GigaVaasa
+358 40 587 4474,


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