Commission approves public support for Vaasa regional airport in Finland


The European Commission decided today not to raise any objections to Finland's plan to support infrastructure investments in Vaasa regional airport. The total amount of public financing will amount up to three million euros.

Ostrobothnia region and surrounding territories currently lack specialised facilities for air cargo handling, which puts companies there at a disadvantage. Public support to investments in air cargo infrastructure in Vaasa will improve the region's transport links by making more intensive and efficient use of the existing airport.

The Commission concluded that the public financing of infrastructure investments at Vaasa airport is compatible with European Union legislation as it does not prejudice the common interest and the criteria set out in the applicable Community framework are complied with.

The Commission's decision is in line with the 2007 Action Plan for airport capacity, which emphasises the importance of regional airports to the development of an integrated European air transport network.

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