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EnergySpin started to spin – ”The best part is to work with the experts in the field”

25.10.2017 | News
The EnergySpin Business Accelerator program has successfully started developing startup companies in the energy sector.
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GigaVaasa factory area enables the start-up of large battery factory projects in summer 2018

21.09.2017 | News
The preparation of substantial battery factory establishments in the Vaasa region has advanced to a concrete level: for the project there is now a factory area, and the battery factory project could in reality be started already in summer 2018. The City of Vaasa, the Municipality of Korsholm and the GigaVaasa team have promoted the matter in close cooperation.
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Selection Days started off cooperation with startups

21.09.2017 | News
The companies for the EnergySpin Business Accelerator programme were chosen during the Selection Days held in Vaasa on September 13th and 14th. The following companies were chosen as participants: Industrysim (Poland / Finland), Idealpore (Ukraine), Cleaner Future Oy (Finland), Jukolux (Finland), Exportin Oy (Finland) , Fintras (Finland), Energysolaris (Moldova) & EHFE (Russia).
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Tastes from a World Heritage Site - Now Available in the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen

11.09.2017 | News
The World Heritage Menu from High Coast and Kvarken Archipelago, planned by the wellknown chef Michael Björklund and served onboard the Wasa Express ferry in autumn 2016, is now available for all food lovers.
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Huge global interest in business accelerator for the energy sector

17.08.2017 | News
The first business accelerator for the energy sector will be launched in Vaasa in October. The accelerator received plenty of applications from all over the world.
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Ready for foreign tourists? Cross-border knowledge sharing in tourism

22.05.2017 | News
Sustainable tourism, hospitality, internationalization and cooperation were the themes for the two-day seminar organized in Vaasa-Umeå in May.
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This year’s EnergyWeek comes with an impressive total of ten events

09.03.2017 | News
EnergyWeek, the international event for energy technology professionals, takes place once again in Vaasa on 20–24 March 2017. The number of events has grown year after year, and this year there are 10 events and many side events.
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Wide support from all around Finland for the Vaasa Gigafactory project

19.01.2017 | News
More than 120 leaders and experts are participating in a meeting to prepare the application. Ministers Mika Lintilä and Kai Mykkänen: Vaasa has all the resources needed to carry out the project.
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The Gigafactory project in Vaasa got notable partners

21.12.2016 | News
Vaasa has strengthened the partner network of the Gigafactory project. Considering the battery production the very central producers of raw materials, Keliber and Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta are participating in the network coalition that’s being built around the project.
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EnergyWeek Is Bigger than Ever!

15.12.2016 | News
The major international energy sector event, Vaasa EnergyWeek (20–24 March 2017) is almost here again and now larger than ever, with 10 different focal events. New events for the week include the Energy Business Forum, which focuses on international investments within the energy sector and is organised by Technology Centre Merinova, and the Cyber Security & Digitalization seminar organised by the Jyväskylä Regional Development Company Jykes and Merinova.
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