• Learn how to use customer data!


    Energy Week Sales Café, a workshop with aim to improve sales skills, filled the Hanken Assembly Hall to the last seat on Wednesday afternoon 16.3. The extremely popular event was organized for the second time, which proves how eager companies in our region are to improve their sales techniques. Read more

  • Research, technology and know-how in the gas industry


    The Vaasa Gas Exchange Exhibition and Seminar was held on 17 March for the first time as part of Vaasa EnergyWeek. Representative of the organisers, Teemu Närvä from the Vaasa Energy Institute, was extremely happy with the event, as all the seats in the seminar hall were already booked during advance registration and Vaasa City Hall’s assembly room had more exhibitors than expected. Read more

  • Lissu Online Business Plan – entrepreneur’s best tool


    The Lissu Online Business Plan for beginning entrepreneurs has been thoroughly revised. It is now both content-wise and visually easier to use for beginning entrepreneurs and business advisors commenting the business plans. The Online Business Plan is available at https://vasek.netjob.fi/. Read more

  • Collaboration Benefits the Development of Logistics


    The City of Vaasa and the municipality of Umeå received NDPTL funding last year for compiling reports on how to improve the space utilisation of their ports. NDPTL stands for the Northern Dimension Partnership on Transportation and Logistics. Read more

  • Bruno Woeran starts as EU Affairs Manager


    The work for creating a new approach to attract direct EU funding to the Vaasa region was started in the beginning of 2015, as a result of strategy planning of the Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK’s board of directors. In the first few months of the year, a number of workshops were organized for actors and shareholders in the region, in which a framework for the activities and financing was built up. Read more

  • Entrepreneur on vacation – when and how?


    Summer vacations are here and there are lots of people already in town, enjoying their vacation. Is it possible for entrepreneurs to take vacation time? Read more

  • Improving Space Utilisation at Vaasa Port


    On Tuesday 26th May 2015, VASEK organised a workshop focusing on better space utilisation at the Port of Vaasa. The participants of the event included representatives from transport businesses and forwarding companies, the port, the City of Vaasa, the shipping company WasaLine, the Kvarken Council, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and VASEK. Read more

  • Ship Design is All About Optimization


    Since August 2014, Wärtsilä has been engaged in initial ship design for the project Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor. The concept, outcome of the the first phase of the ship design process, the so-called Initial Design, has now been published. Read more

  • Preparation for the Second Phase of the Project Is the Key to Success


    The first phase of the EU-project called Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor will come to a close at the end of the year, but before that there are still numerous actions to be taken while getting ready to prepare for the second phase. Read more

  • Energy Spin attracted innovations, startups and investors


    Energy Spin, one of the Vaasa Energy Week events, filled the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences festive hall on March 19. The event brought together talented energy startups, investors and executives and offered them a chance for networking and matchmaking. Read more