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Café Salteriet – from a fish-salting plant to a café and a Yle radio studio

13.06.2016 | Articles
To celebrate the jubilee year of the Kvarken World Heritage Site, the Finnish broadcasting company Yle’s radio stations YLE Radio Suomi and Radio Vega broadcast from the 13th to the 19th of June from a studio built in the Café Salteriet’s facilities. The owner of Café Salteriet, Gunilla Sandler, is very happy with the visibility this afforded the Kvarken region.
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More customers through social media marketing

11.04.2016 | Articles
After studying in Turku, Anthony Hannus returned to his hometown of Kristinestad, where he had been offered a job. As a nature and exercise enthusiast, the thought of returning to this small town appealed to him. After a while, Hannus, who majored in information systems at Åbo Akademi, was so tempted to start his own business that he left his job and set up in business in order to help other entrepreneurs with their marketing.
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Ask, ask and ask!

25.01.2016 | Articles
Bäck & Vilén Yrityspalvelu Oy is a full-service accounting office in Vaasa and Enterprise Agency Startia’s expert partner. The company’s managing director is Per Vilén, a senior expert in financial administration who has previous experience from expert partnership with Österbottens företagarförening, where he in the role of an expert has helped both beginning and existing entrepreneurs.
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Online visibility for service businesses

22.12.2015 | Articles
You are trying to find a service business provider through the internet. The search engine lists tons of pages with result on your search word but they are located mainly outside your home region. Sounds familiar?
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Communications, IT and telecommunications solutions from one place

17.11.2015 | Articles
Visibility and availability are important for all enterprises but essential for starting enterprises, who need to find customers and make their way to the markets. In the digital era, visibility and availability through the internet, e-mail, phone, and increasingly the social media, have become even more central.
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Part-time entrepreneur

09.11.2015 | Articles
How often in your everyday life have you come across a product that, with a little something different, would be much better? Most of us simply shrug our shoulders and keep on going without thinking any more about it.
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Welcome, new entrepreneurs!

15.10.2015 | Articles
”Corporate branch” might sound cold and inflexible but Suvi Kankaanpää, a joyfully laughing Corporate Banking Advisor wearing a knitted sweater, is far away from the stereotype of an uptight office person with matching jacket and skirt. She has worked for Nordea Corporate Vaasa branch for a couple of years now, before which she worked in personal customer care in the same bank. In addition to her own customers, Kankaanpää also works with new entrepreneurs and is Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency Startia’s expert partner in financial questions.
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Startia and partners help businesses to start

16.09.2015 | Articles
Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency Startia gives guidance to persons planning to start a business in the Vaasa region. The service is free of charge and made possible by a number of expert organizations working in collaboration with Startia.
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The Port Manager Has His Finger in Several Pies

08.09.2015 | Articles
The port manager of Kvarken Ports, which is owned jointly by Vaasa and Umeå, has no time to get bored at work due to his diverse job description. What makes his job even more interesting is the fact that the port company functions physically in two countries.
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