Ostrobothnia in Transition

Roadmap for Sustainable Development and Circular Economy

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Consumers are asking for sustainable options, employees prefer to work in sustainable workplaces, and ultimately, there aren’t any other options. It is time to change.

With this roadmap, we want to help you as an entrepreneur to get started and to find sustainable solutions to everything from purchases and production to communication, marketing, and product development. Circular economy is not just about sustainability, but also about the finances, competitiveness, and future survival prerequisites of the company.

The roadmap is based on the UN’s global sustainability goals. The report has been prepared by the Ostrobothnian development companies in co-operation with the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and the European Regional Development Fund. The report is published within the framework of the project CERM, Circular Economy Road Map and Actionplan for Ostrobothnia Region in Finland.


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