CERM - Strategy- and action plan towards circular economy for the Ostrobothnia Region in Finland


The CERM project creates a roadmap including a strategy and an action plan for the three regions in Ostrobothnia, Finland to develop a society that is based on circular economy and sustainable principles.

The goal is to identify the most important branches in each region that have the biggest volumes and where circular economy can be implemented in the easiest way. The strategy and action plan are based on statistics, structure of the society, inhabitants and business life.

The local regional development companies have very strong knowledge about the companies, different branches and the companies potential to move towards circular economy and sustainability. The action plan will create several groups of companies that really use material flows from waste to new products in their manufacturing processes.

At the end of this project we will have a very clear strategy and action plan for the region on how we can use all our resources and finances in the most efficient way and move our region to a completely circular and sustainable society.

The project is carried out 1.6.2019–30.9.2021

Budget: 542 790 euros