VASEK's role and priorities in both the company's operations and regional development activities are guided by the company's own strategy, which is updated annually. The needs of the owning municipalities — Vaasa, Korsholm, Vörå, Malax, Korsnäs, Laihia and Isokyrö — are the top points of development, from which the themes of the company's strategy are derived. In line with the strategy, the priority areas for which project funding will be sought will be selected. See our ongoing development projects below on this page.

VASEKs role in regional development comprises

  • regional strategies and programs
  • projects with separate funding administered by VASEK (e.g. Ecosystem Agreement, European Regional Development Fund, Interreg Aurora, rural development programme)
  • Counterpart funding allocated by VASEK for development projects carried out by other organizations
  • VASEK participates in various projects as a partner, member of executive and working groups or in other tasks and also with no financial contribution.
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