As the region is known for its entrepreunerial spirit and traditions, it is also equipped with a strong will to succeed. Outsourcing and the increasing use of subcontractors contribute to the fact that more and more small and medium-sized companies are being established. Our main objective is to help these SMEs to grow and be a part of the flourishing Vaasa Region - one of the most attractive and innovative environments in Finland for companies and employees.

VASEK's role as a driving force for the region is strong. We know and understand the goals of our work and strive to achieve them. There will be no success by working alone, which is why there is close cooperation with different actors in the region.

We ourselves already know what a great area we live in and what many opportunities this area has to offer to new residents, students and entrepreneurs as well. Our common goal is to take this information forward, to strengthen the region's competitiveness in different areas and to enable the best possible conditions for the development of business life.

VASEK's tasks are 

  • coordination of regional business services and to provide sector-specific business services,
  • regional development projects related to business and entrepreneurship; and
  • marketing of the region.

    The company works in close cooperation with municipalities, business life, education and research, and brings together various actors for joint discussion and action to promote the region's competitiveness.


    The most efficient Finnish regional development company VASEK develops the Vaasa region into our country’s most inviting and successful city area through strong collaboration.


    • VASEK provides professional services in all stages of the business lifecycle.
    • VASEK furthers regional growth, the development of the business environment and the cooperation between organisations.
    • VASEK conveys information about the region and its potential distinctively to ensure the availability of labour force.
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    Stefan Råback
    - Company management
    - Development projects and their funding
    Kuvituskuva iloiset ilmeet kesällä
    Our values
    We know

    We are competent, and we love to learn. We are genuinely interested in our operational environment. We provide all of our professional skills and knowledge for the good of our clients, colleagues, and the whole region.

    We do

    We are keen to take the new opportunities with courage. Together, we are more – networks are important for what we do. We take the initiative and operate reliably.

    We care

    We care about others and support each other. We are friendly and open. All of us have the opportunity and freedom to learn something new every day.

    We are here for you

    We are here for you; we will encourage and help you. We work hard for our clients, owners and the success of the whole Vaasa region.

    VASEK hallitus ryhmäkuva 2024
    Board of directors

    Municipalities with a number of shares proportional to their population have a seat on the Board of Directors. In addition, industry, the SME sector and higher education institutions in the region are represented on the board.

    Board of directors 3.4.2024–
    municipality/intrest group: ordinary member (deputy member)
    • Tomas Häyry, Vaasa (Jari Karjalainen)
    • Rurik Ahlberg, Korsholm (Mikael Alaviitala)
    • Juha Rikala, Laihia (Minna Niemi)
    • Jenny Malmsten, Malax (Carola Bengs-Lattunen)
    • Miko Heinilä, Isokyrö (Antti Lintala)
    • Christina Båssar, Korsnäs (Camilla Ribacka)
    • Jan Finne, Vörå (Göran Westerlund)
    • Antti Hakala-Ranta, industry (Mikael Hallbäck)
    • Satu Wivolin, SME sector (Göran Östberg)
    • Antti Romu, SME sector (Antti Holappa)
    • Lisbeth Fagerström, higher education institutions (Minna Martikainen)

    Working committee consists of Tomas Häyry, Rurik Ahlberg, Christina Båssar, Antti Romu and Stefan Råback.

    CEO Stefan Råback serves as the Board's rapporteur and secretary.