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The hydrogen network made new contacts in Vaasa

16.11.2021 | News
The national hydrogen network visited Vaasa and the Vaasa region the 11th of November 2021. The program included i.a. a hydrogen seminar arranged in Hanken´s auditorium, organized by Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK and the H2 Ecosystem Roadmap project. The discussion after the presentations was lively and a lot of new contacts were made. The whole day clearly brought all positive aspects of networking.
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Starting a business in Finland – 4 things you should remember

04.11.2021 | News
So you have taken the mental step from dreaming of setting up a business to actually starting the process – congratulations! However, take a deep breath and make sure you have made all the necessary preparations before registering your company and rolling up your sleeves, because there are at least four things you should take into consideration.
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It is worth the effort to sort out IPR matters – even for small businesses

26.10.2021 | News
What should I do if I come up with a good innovation? How do I know if someone else has already thought about it? How much does a patent or a design protection cost? Startia and VASEK’s expert organization Kolster Oy Ab offers guidance in patent and IP rights every first Tuesday of a month, free of charge.
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Everyone Benefits from Sustainable Leadership: Employee, Employer, and Ultimately Work Itself

14.10.2021 | News
The Future Cleantech Solutions project webinar on 7 October 2021 addressed sustainable leadership in a changing world under the guidance of lecturer, change leader and educator Ulrika Sedin. Jon Moraeus, the international business developer at Future Cleantech Solutions, moderated the webinar. Interest on both sides of Kvarken was high; more than 300 participants from Sweden and Finland enrolled in the event.
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