Vaasa Wind Exchange Is Going To Be a Success


- We are so glad that the demand for exhibitor space was so large, comments Riitta Björkenheim, Marketing Manager at VASEK and responsible for Vaasa Wind Exchange's information and marketing, cheerfully. - All exhibitor spaces have been booked and those registering now have to queue and wait if there will be cancellations.

- Around one-fourth of the registered exhibitors are new international operators that have previously not had operations in Finland, and apart from that, five of the registered companies are internationally-owned, adds Raine Vasanoja who is responsible for the event organisation. - The event is going to be genuinely multifaceted, international and interesting, just as we planned.

Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK and Merinova Technology Centre invite the most important operators in the field of wind power in Finland and the neighbouring region to Vaasa on Tuesday, 22 March 2011. 

Read the press release on Vaasa Wind Exchange webpages

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