The latest statistics indicate that the growth of the EnergyVaasa cluster continues


EnergyVasa 12

During the summer and fall of 2023, the stakeholders of the EnergyVaasa energy cluster have re-evaluated the key figures of the Nordic region's most significant energy cluster, resulting in new key figures for the energy cluster.

In the future, it is important to remember the following key figures for EnergyVaasa:

  • EnergyVaasa now includes 180 companies (+20 companies).
  • The combined annual revenue of these companies is 6 billion euros (+20%).
  • The share of exports in the revenue is over 80%.
  • The total number of employees in these companies is 13,000 (+1,000 employees).
  • Annual spending on research and development is 250 million euros (+25%).
  • New investments in energy technology infrastructure in the EnergyVaasa region are planned to be approximately 1.9 billion euros by the end of 2030.

"To ensure that these new figures become second nature in the future, it is important to seriously study and learn them now. New materials have also been prepared to present the new numbers," smiles and says Kristoffer Jansson, Communication & Brand Manager at EnergyVaasa.

"In every aspect, there has been growth. The combined revenue, the number of companies under EnergyVaasa umbrella, and their workforce have all increased by about ten percent. So, we have gained about a thousand new employees compared to the figures from a few years ago. Revenue, on the other hand, has grown by over 10 percent."

"Worldwide, there is increasing demand for green transition products and solutions, and this is reflected in EnergyVaasa's key figures. The energy cluster is globally significant as a supplier of energy-efficient solutions," Jansson emphasizes.

"People are paying more attention to energy usage and consumption nowadays. Global energy prices have risen, and therefore, energy efficiency is an important competitive advantage for companies, and its significance will remain even in the future."

"EnergyVaasa companies engage in a lot of collaboration. Wärtsilä built the Sustainable Technology Hub, which brings companies together, and Wasaline's ferry Aurora Botnia is filled with technological solutions from energy cluster companies. Cluster companies have developed entirely new technologies and product families for the world's most environmentally friendly passenger ferry," Jansson gives examples of collaboration.

The new EnergyVaasa figures have been collected in collaboration with the region's companies. Companies, among other things, have reported on their new partners. Key figures have been requested from all 180 companies.


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