Next EnergyWeek Organized in March 2022


EnergyWeek in Vaasa

Event Week of the Energy Sector Returns on an Even Larger Scale

The most significant international networking and sales event for the energy sector in the Nordic countries, EnergyWeek, will be organized between March 21–25, 2022. This time, it will be a five-day event instead of the four days of previous years. Registration to the event will open at the beginning of 2022, and there are already nearly 200 confirmed exhibitors. As with past EnergyWeek events, thousands of visitors and speakers from over 20 countries are expected to attend the event. The location for the event is the Vaasa city hall. 

The event has five themes, one for each day: energy and environment, wind and renewable energy, smart energy, gas, and energy storage as a new theme. The topics of the energy storage day are, among others, battery technologies and establishments, hydrogen, gas, synthetic fuels and heat and other topics related to energy storage. The exhibitors change according to the day’s theme. All EnergyWeek seminars will be organized in English, and some of them will also be streamed online. 

– In the previous years, we have had over 4 600 EnergyWeek visitors, and we have organized over 25 seminars in the event. These seminars have had approximately 110 speakers in four days. Now, when it is a 5-day event in question, everything points to the fact that it will be even bigger, notes EnergyVaasa’s Communications & Brand Manager Kristoffer Jansson from VASEK. 

In 2021, EnergyWeek would have celebrated its 10th anniversary, but this milestone will be celebrated during the next EnergyWeek in March 2022. EnergyWeek’s 10th anniversary will be the theme of the three evening events, and an energy technology and innovation prize will be given out in the traditional Energy Awards ceremony. 

The organizers of the EnergyWeek have arranged a series of EnergyVaasa Talks webinars throughout 2021. The webinars cover energy and cleantech technology-related topics presented by international experts. The webinars are open to everyone. The webinars that have already been organized can be viewed on the EnergyVaasa YouTube channel

Vaasa EnergyWeek is one of the foremost events in the energy sector. The event is organized as a collaboration by over thirty organizations. EnergyVaasa / Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK has the main responsibility for coordinating the event.

EnergyVaasa is the largest energy technology cluster in the Nordic countries. The companies in the EnergyVaasa cluster develop sustainable and energy-saving technology solutions that reduce emissions. There are over 160 companies with over 12,000 employees in the EnergyVaasa cluster. Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK is a regional business and development company owned by the municipalities in the Vaasa region.

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