EnergyWeek 2024 attracted a record number of visitors

EnergyWeek 2024 once again attracted a record number of visitors to Vaasa for seminars and exhibition events.

VahalummukkaNet 0707EnergyWeek 2024 once again attracted a record number of visitors to Vaasa for seminars and exhibition events.

“This year, EnergyWeek has reverted back to the four-day formula, but still managed to increase both the number of attendees and seminars. Over the four days, there was just as much time to attend the 32 different seminars, and during the three days of the exhibition, the City Hall’s hallways were at times full to bursting. The feedback from the exhibitors has been extremely positive and the seminar participants have praised the quality of the presentations,” says Kristoffer Jansson, Communications & Brand Manager at EnergyVaasa.

“As last year, there was plenty of interest in the seminars. So much so that sometimes there were not enough seats for everyone who wanted to join in. As beautiful as the City Hall is, it poses some challenges for the growth of the event,” Jansson admits.

EnergyWeek is a testament to the regions’ exceptional cooperation and team spirit.

“We had a big bunch of people joining in the planning and a slightly smaller crew working on the practical arrangements, and everyone played well together, as always,” Jansson says.

More activities in four days than the five last year

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  • More than 8,000 participants from at least 48 countries (in 2023: 7,100 visitors from 44 countries).

  • On Tuesday, 13 ambassadors and a total of 19 embassy representatives attended the event.  Read more here

  • During the four days, participants got to hear a total of 210 speakers at 32 events or seminars. (2023: 160 presentations at 30 events)

  • Matchmaking meetings took place over three days and the number of pre-arranged meetings continued to grow (2024: 710 meetings over three days, 2023: 550 meetings over four days)

  • The number of foreign visitors also remained at the record high level of 2023

The objective of EnergyWeek is to bring together experts from the field and to offer them new contacts, networks and potential partners. This year’s themes were energy and climate, wind and renewable energy, energy storage and gas energy. The “Oscars” of the energy technology sector were presented on Wednesday at the Energy & Innovation Awards.

See you at the City Hall again next year!

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“It’s always a pleasure to organise a successful event. We collect feedback from the audience, organisers and exhibitors as we go. After the event, we will take a short break before starting the planning of the next year’s EnergyWeek,” Jansson says and continues:

“Again this year, the seminar programme was clearly a big success, with several seminars filled to capacity. We had the same very positive problem last year, but unfortunately there is no other space in Vaasa suitable for such an event. So, next year we will see you again under the City Hall’s crystal chandeliers.”

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  • EnergyWeek is a four-day event organised collaboratively by about thirty organisations. EnergyVaasa and Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK are the main coordinators of the event.

  • The next EnergyWeek will take place from the 17th to the 20th of March 2025.