MAREN – Maritime Energy Transition

vidar nordli mathisen xsGKFCqIZbg unsplashMAREN – Maritime Energy Transition aims at speeding up the transition from conventional to green energy sources in the maritime sector by improved availability of green fuels.

The main targets of the project are to

  • build a Nordic network to take on larger development tasks and international innovation projects and to
  • foster new value chains with the potential of value creation in an expected global market.

The port as an energy hub has an important role in the development of new value chains, as the meeting point between sea and land, and is an angle of approach in the project.

Technical scope

From a technical viewpoint, the project aims at

  • a transition from marine gas oil and heavy fuel oil to biofuels and electro fuels for propulsion and
  • involving new energy production, distribution, storage, bunkering and drive train technology.

MAREN focuses on electrification and electro fuels. A lot of the technology needed are known, but they need to be put together in new system solutions that are verified and demonstrated.

MAREN webinars and workshops

Project activities: This is what we are planning to do, so stay tuned!

  • Webinar 1: The large picture / the maritime Energy Transition
    Date: To be confirmed
    Zoom meeting hosted by SMTF
  • Webinar 2: The future of fuels
    Date: To be confirmed
    Zoom meeting hosted by SMTF
  • Physical workshop 1: The port as an energy hub
    One-day workshop ~ 10:00 – 15:00
  • Physical workshop 2: Technical solutions and R&D activities
    One-day workshop ~ 10:00 – 15:00
  • Physical workshop 3: Further development opportunities ("Brokerage even")
    One-day workshop ~ 10:00 – 15:00

MAREN explained in a few words
Maren explained in a few words.

The project is being carried out 1.4.2020 – 15.8.2021 by RENERGY, a renewable energy cluster (Norway) as a leading partner and financed by Nordic Innovations.

Total budget: 1 000 000 NOK