Sustainability goals2

Sustainability in our daily operations is very important to us at VASEK. We realise and participate in several regional development projects that aim to develop circular economy, sustainable traveling, and utilising clean forms of energy. We coordinate the EnergyVaasa cluster, which operates in the Vaasa region and works actively to reduce emissions and for a greener future.

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Together, we have decided to follow specific subgoals of the UN's global plan of action for sustainable development, Agenda 2030, in our everyday life and choices. Read more about our goals below!

In a workshop organized for VASEKs entire staff, we together agreed on the goals for 2024 onwards:

  • Development of the sorting system: Supports the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 (Responsible consumption and production), particularly subgoal 12.5 (Reducing and recycling waste).
  • Developing recreational activities for the staff: Promotes the UN SDG 3 (Good health and well-being), particularly subgoal 3.4 (Increasing mental well-being).
  • Critical review of procurements: Supports the UN SDG 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure), particularly subgoal 9.4 (Development of environmentally friendly technology).
  • Reducing the size of brochures and the number of printed brochures: Promotes the UN SDG 12, in particular subgoal 12.8 (Promoting responsible practices in marketing).
  • Removal and replacement of plastic bottles with tap water: Supports the UN SDG 12, in particular subgoal 12.2 (Integrating the principles of sustainable development into business and strategies).
  • The staff participates in volunteer activities: We are actively considering ways in which our staff could participate in volunteer activities and support local communities. This measure supports the UN Sustainable Development Goal 17 (Partnerships for the goals), in particular subgoal 17.17 (Strengthening cooperation and sharing resources for sustainable development).

VASEK is committed to continuing to work with local businesses and other stakeholders towards a cleaner and more responsible future. We will continue to actively seek new ways to improve sustainability in our operations and to support the achievement of the SDGs. In addition, we commit to regularly updating and reviewing the above goals to ensure we are in line with developments and best practices. Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable future!

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VASEK celebrated Earth Day, Monday 22 April 2024, by picking up trash from the streets of Vaasa. Together we filled 12 bags.