Thousands of Happy Stories

11.05.2012 | News
Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK has published a book titled Vaasa Region – Thousands of Happy Stories. It presents the region through first-class photographs and fascinating texts.
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Geothermal Energy Will Soon Heat Cities

15.03.2012 | News
The possibilities for exploiting the geothermal energy that is stored in the earth and waterways are multiplying in phase with geothermal energy research. Although geothermal energy has mainly been seen as a heating option for detached houses and sparsely-populated areas, it is also extremely suitable for heating and cooling large...
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Consumers Almost Imperceptibly Encouraged towards Energy Efficiency

06.03.2012 | News
The targets which are in accordance with the European Union's climate and energy package obligate member states to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent, to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 20 percent of consumption and to improve energy efficiency by 20 percent, all by 2020.
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Top International Wind Power Event in Vaasa

27.02.2012 | News
March is drawing near and with it, Vaasa EnergyWeek. The expectations of both organisers and participants are high. The wind power event called Vaasa Wind Exchange, organised for the second time, will be held on Tuesday the 20th March. This year the event will be run by Pohjanmaan Expo.
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The Best Summer Job in Finland: Energy Ambassador

03.02.2012 | News
Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK has together with 11 energy technology companies in the region announced Finland's best summer job position. The energy ambassador's job consists of getting to know the Vaasa region and its top energy technology companies by working one week for each company and to share the...
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238 new jobs in 2011

16.01.2012 | News
A total of 177 new businesses were founded in the Vaasa region in 2011 with the help of the Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency Startia. All-in-all, 429 new clients discussed their business idea and activities with Startia. These new businesses have created 238 new jobs in the region.
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By Bus To The Housing Fair in Kokkola!

05.07.2011 | News
Leave your car at home and hop in the bus to the Housing fair in Kokkola. This is possible on Tuesdays and Thursdays July 18 - August 11.
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Soccer Fields in Vaasa Filled With Young Stars’ Joy of Playing

30.06.2011 | News
Wasa Football Cup is now arranged for the 23th time, and some 270 teams will participate in the tournament. From Thursday to Sunday, June 30 - July 3, 2011, the soccer fields as well as the whole city of Vaasa will be filled with a humangous amount of energy!
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Open Vacancies in Energy Industry Now On

22.06.2011 | News
The web portal EnergyVaasa that presents the strong energy technology concentration in the Vaasa region, is continuously being developed.
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