The Kvarken Multimodal Link project officially launched in Umeå

17.12.2013 | News
Press release December 17th 2013
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A successful treasure hunt accomplished in Ecuador – This week the Energy Ambassador spends in Brazi

24.09.2013 | News
Energy Ambassador Pentti Itkonen spent last week in Ecuador visiting for example the Eden Yuturi oil field, where Wärtsilä, VEO, VAMP and Leinolat Group have a joint project that has updated the oil field. Due to the update the oil field can now make energy from the natural gas that...
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Botnia Marketing aims to accomplish plenty in a year

29.08.2013 | News
Peter Källberg started working for VASEK in December 2012, after a long career as a Key Account Manager for SAS and Blue 1. At VASEK his first task was to study the prerequisites for establishing a new tourism company for the Vaasa region.
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Pentti Itkonen is the Energy Ambassador 2013 – Team Finland stands behind his journey around the wor

19.06.2013 | News
EnergyVaasa, the leading energy cluster in the Nordic countries, has chosen a 25-year old engineer student, Pentti Itkonen, for the Energy Ambassador 2013 position. In addition to the Vaasa region’s energy technology companies, more than 11,000 people contributed to the recruitment process by voting for their favorite applicant.
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Malakta – a house of possibilities

13.06.2013 | News
The atmosphere in Malax former dairy building built in 1930 is welcoming and radiates artistic existence. Starting an art factory called Malakta in the old building was a big step for the owners Ann-Maj Granstubb and Jukka Rajala-Granstubb.
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Feel secure when starting your own business

20.05.2013 | News
If you are planning on starting a business, you are welcome to stop by at Startia to discuss your business idea. Startia’s services are free of charge and the discussions are confidential.- For a first time customer we usually reserve a two hour appointment, during which we discuss the business...
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Flight turbulence continues

05.03.2013 | News
The flight company airBaltic has informed, that their direct flight connection to Vaasa will end and will be replaced with various co-operative connections. Flights from Vaasa to Riga have been flown since spring 2010.
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