Flight turbulence continues

05.03.2013 | News
The flight company airBaltic has informed, that their direct flight connection to Vaasa will end and will be replaced with various co-operative connections. Flights from Vaasa to Riga have been flown since spring 2010.
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Vapaavuori: Vaasa’s Energy Cluster Plays an Important Role in the Attainment of Finland’s Cleantech

08.02.2013 | News
The Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr Jan Vapaavuori, is the official Patron of the Vaasa EnergyWeek 2013
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Lasse Pohjala VASEK’s New Internationalisation Expert

01.02.2013 | News
Lasse Pohjala, M.Sc., 51, started on 1 February 2013 as Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK’s Senior Business Advisor, in charge of establishment and internationalisation services. Pohjala’s field of responsibility is the Invest In services for enterprises establishing themselves in the Vaasa Region, internationalisation services and export and import trade.
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Immigrants and employers, we are glad to be of assistance

21.01.2013 | News
Welcome Office is a two-year information centre project in Ostrobothnia. The aim of the project is to guide immigrants and their employers in many issues regarding immigration. The project is financed by EU (through the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia) and 12 different municipalities in the region.
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Born Global

16.01.2013 | News
Small and open economies like Finland need enterprises that work well in the international market. Usually, an enterprise’s process of internationalisation is spurred on by its growth, but for some the domestic market is too small right from the beginning.
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Global Energy Investments – A Chance for Finland

29.11.2012 | News
Lately, the fields of energy and environmental technology have been seen as the most potential successors to the current giants of Finnish exports, the mobile technology and forest industries. The export figures of the industry specialising in renewable energy production and energy efficiency have been very positive.
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Well paid Energy Ambassador benchmarks Denmark

23.07.2012 | News
University student Tuomas Vanhanen has Finland’s or maybe even the World’s best summer job as Energy Ambassador for EnergyVaasa network. He will earn 30,000 euro plus lucrative benefits by working 12 weeks for the 12 top companies during the summer, and even visits Denmark 24-25 July.
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