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Applying for start-up grant — this is how you prepare

24.08.2023 | News
Start-up grant is intended to support entrepreneurs who start a new business. Start-up money is not paid automatically, but is a discretionary support that must be applied to the TE Office.
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How to Avoid the Pitfalls when Applying for a Start-up Grant

16.06.2022 | News
The start-up grant aims to secure a new entrepreneur's primary livelihood for the estimated time it takes to establish business activities. Therefore it is an income supplement intended for entrepreneurs and doesn't belong to the business assets. After all, they must be able to live and perhaps support their family even when it may not be possible to pay themselves enough salary at the starting stage of the business.
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Starting a business in Finland – 4 things you should remember

14.02.2022 | News
So you have taken the mental step from dreaming of setting up a business to actually starting the process – congratulations! However, take a deep breath and make sure you have made all the necessary preparations before registering your company and rolling up your sleeves, because there are at least four things you should take into consideration.
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