Kristoffer Jansson1 320 pxM. Eng. Kristoffer Jansson, 37, from Korsholm, has been selected to coordinate EnergyVaasa communications and marketing. He will start in his new position on 18.2.2019. A total of 20 persons applied for the position.

Jansson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Novia University of Applied Sciences, as well as a Master of Engineering degree. He has previously worked as Technology Manager at UpCode, a Vaasa-based company, in project management with responsibility for international customer relations, product development and overall system deliveries, among others.

– Kristoffer is familiar with the EnergyVaasa environment as well as the companies and the other actors within it. He has excellent presentation skills, great organizational capacity, is multilingual and used to working with local, domestic and foreign customers. His work experience will definitely bring a new perspective to EnergyVaasa and EnergyWeek marketing, especially internationally, says Managing Director Stefan Råback praisingly and continues:

– Kristoffer was the main organizer of TEDxVasa, so arranging and coordinating an international event is nothing new to him. He can immediately join the arrangements for EnergyWeek that takes place in March.

EW19 pysty– Vaasa region has plenty of innovation and a strong energy cluster, giving it a high employment rate and allowing fresh graduates to find jobs quickly. The region also has a continuing need for students and skilled work force. Energy technology competence attracts new businesses to establish operations in the region and become part of the energy cluster. TEDxVasa was one way of putting the Vaasa region on the map, and my new position provides a natural way to continue with this work, Jansson comments on his new position.

Communications & Brand Manager’s tasks include marketing of the region, especially as a competence cluster for energy technology, as well as leading and coordinating the annual international event EnergyWeek.


More information

Stefan Raback 1
Stefan Råback
Managing Director
+358 50 590 2525

Communications & Brand Manager Kristoffer Jansson (starting 18.2.2019)
+358 40 539 4055


Vaasa region is home to EnergyVaasa, the largest cluster of energy technology in the Nordic countries. It employs some 11,000 professionals in more than 140 companies and has a turnover of over 4.4 billion euros and an export rate of more than 80 %. The competitiveness of the Vaasa region has been placed in the national top in a number of studies carried out in recent years.

Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK is a company owned by municipalities in the Vaasa region. Its main tasks are services for entrepreneurs, regional development and marketing of the region. VASEK collaborates closely with the business life, municipalities and the education sector with an aim to continuously strengthen the region’s international competitiveness.


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