It is worth the effort to sort out IPR matters – even for small businesses


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What should I do if I come up with a good innovation? How do I know if someone else has already thought about it? How much does a patent or a design protection cost? Startia and VASEK’s expert organization Kolster Oy Ab offers guidance in patent and IP rights every first Tuesday of a month, free of charge. 

It is worth the effort to protect your own ideas, even for a small business. An entrepreneur can for example apply for a trademark or a design protection for jewelry they have manufactured. Print products, clothes, or even a business premises can be protected with trademarks and design protections. 

– Unfortunately, it is surprisingly common that someone tries to reinvent the wheel. It is always advisable to find out what already exists before you get into action, explains Håkan Niemi, European Patent Attorney from Kolster Oy Ab. 

The whole process from the product idea to a finished product can be very simple, but it can also be very long and complicated. However, it is always worth the effort to survey the possibilities of a good innovation. 

If your business idea is based on an innovation or an invention, Kolster can help you with preparation for example by finding out if a comparable product or idea already exists or if the product or idea can be patented or how the product can be manufactured without violating someone else’s rights. 

Guidance on IPR matters gives you good and constructive advice for examining your own idea. 

  • The next guidance on IPR matters is organized on 2.11. Book an appointment (45 min.) via  European Patent Attorney Håkan Niemi advises in Finnish, Swedish, and English. 


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