EnergyWeek arranged for the 11th time next week


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The energy industry's top event EnergyWeek will be held at Vaasa City Hall between 20 and 24 March. Registration opened on 15 January, and the enrolment numbers are good. Once again, thousands of participants from dozens of different countries are expected to attend EnergyWeek, and exhibitors have made numerous reservations throughout the four exhibition days.

During the five-day event week, you can hear the latest news while the top energy professionals will be presented with the most fascinating new cases and innovations within the energy industry. EnergyWeek, now organised for the 11th time, is the most important networking and sales event in the Nordic countries for local, domestic and international visitors.

– This year's EnergyWeek follows its traditions. Over five days, the event offers a total of 22 different seminars with over 100 speakers. The exhibitions are open for four days with close to 200 exhibitors. Many international companies also participate as exhibitors. In addition, the seminars will feature several international speakers. So, it's well worth getting acquainted with the program and registering well in advance, says EnergyVaasas Communications & Brand Manager Kristoffer Jansson.

Different theme for each day

EnergyWeek 2023 will focus on four different themes: energy and the environment, wind and renewable energy, gas and energy storage. The programme also includes events on topics such as the circular economy, space technology, block chain and energy technologies, as well as events related to financing and growth of renewable energy. Match Making sessions will take place from Tuesday to Friday. In addition, the exhibition events are open for four days, from Tuesday to Friday. The Energy and Innovation Awards will be presented on Wednesday.

EnergyWeek kicks off on Monday with the traditional Energy and Environment Seminar, which, unlike the rest of the week, is an influencer seminar in Finnish. This year’s seminar theme is “Significant investments enable green transition in Europe”. The second part of the seminar will focus on the political party debate on energy policy. The debate deals with the importance of R&D funding, seeking solutions to the challenges of Finland's permitting processes and considering how to implement the planned investments in the region.

– Because of the world situation, themes such as climate, electrification, and energy storage will almost certainly be hotter topics than ever this year. However, energy efficiency and sustainability have always been the common thread that runs through EnergyWeek, says Jansson.

  • Vaasa EnergyWeek is a five-day event organised collaboratively by about twenty organisations. EnergyVaasa and Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK are the main coordinators of the event.
  • Except for the Energy and Environment Seminar on Monday, EnergyWeek will be held in English.
  • The EnergyWeek of 2023 has been fully climate compensated for the first time. Climate compensation includes travel and accommodation for the guests and staff, purchased goods and services, and energy usage for the event.
  • EnergyVaasa is the largest energy technology hub in the Nordic countries and includes companies that develop sustainable, energy-saving technological solutions that reduce emissions. EnergyVaasa includes more than 160 companies with more than 12,000 employees in total.

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