EnergyVaasa reveals new look and website – now part of the Vaasa region web service


EnergyVasa 13 2020 EnergyVaasa, the most significant energy technology cluster in the Nordics, has a new graphic look and logo. In addition, the EnergyVaasa website is renewed: the site is found on the familiar address but from now on, it will also be part of Vaasa region’s common web service, which was renewed in 2019.

As part of the renewal of the site, EnergyVaasa’s look has been brought closer to the look of Vaasa region, in accordance with the wishes of the energy cluster’s own Advisory Board. That is why the color scheme of the brands has also been unified. EnergyVaasa, formerly known as orange, blue and black, is now more close to the shades of Vaasa region, where orange is familiar from before and a green shade has been introduced.

– Unity and working together have always been the advantages and strength of the Vaasa region. Now we are perceived even more consistent in the region, outside the region and internationally, whether it comes to energy technology expertise or tourism, EnergyVaasa Communications & Brand Manager Kristoffer Jansson explains.

– EnergyVaasa and its businesses are more easily accessed through the common web service, as the site now also has Finnish and Swedish versions. Perhaps also new users visit the site now, and domestic visitors will be able to read about the internationality and the export companies of the Vaasa region in their own language, Jansson considers.

On the wish of the international companies in the cluster, a new EnergyVaasa presentation video has also been produced to support introducing the cluster. EnergyVaasa Co-creation, the language of which is English, was first performed on 3 November. Rethink New Media Solutions, a Vaasa-based company, produced the video.

– The cluster and the whole of Vaasa region are presented to guests, who frequently visit the companies. With the help of an existing and compact video, preparing for a presentation is easier for the companies and the message to be presented is harmonized, Jansson says.

EnergyVaasa’s renewed website will also become the home page for the EnergyVaasa Talks webinars, so that the webinar programs will be published on the site as they are released. The first pieces of information about the January webinars are expected by the beginning of December. The EnergyVaasa Talks webinar series goes on throughout the year 2021.

EnergyVasa 10 2020


  • 160 businesses

  • yearly combined turnover: 5 billion euros

  • 80% of production exported

  • 30% of energy technology exports in Finland comes from the Vaasa region


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