• A frequently asked question: Should I buy a car for my business or use my own?


    After an entrepreneur has got their operations rolling, kilometres start to add up on their car’s trip meter: they pick up something, go and see a customer, drive to a training event. Is it better for an entrepreneur to make these journeys with their own car or to buy a... Read more

  • Vaasa EnergyWeek Exceeded Its Target


    The first Vaasa EnergyWeek, held from 19th to 22nd March, will not be the last of its kind, because both the participants and organisers were extremely happy with what the event had to offer. The three events that were held during the same week – the national Energy and Environment... Read more

  • Birds and Nature Tourism in Focus


    The region of Vaasa, as well as the whole Kvarken archipelago, is a wonderful place for nature tourism. After the Kvarken Archipelago received UNESCO's World Heritage status there has been plenty of effort expended in building up good services for tourists who come to the area. Read more