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Gaining Useful Skills for Entrepreneurship

24.08.2015 | Articles
The expert organisations in education, Rastor, VAKK (professional education centre for adults) and YA! Vocational College of Ostrobothnia, offer entrepreneurs training, most of which leads to a qualification and all of which will help entrepreneurs to complement their skill set. All three of these partners organise, for example, training that leads to a further vocational qualification for entrepreneurs, or equips them for managing a company, as well as other vocational training.
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Economy experts help Startia’s clients

11.06.2015 | Articles
All Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency Startia’s clients aiming to be entrepreneurs have to make a business plan. It also has to contain a financial plan, with necessary investments and how they will be financed, costs of activities and a sales prognosis.
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Approachable lawyer

19.05.2015 | Articles
Fondia Finland Oy is also internationally renowned for being an innovative and easy-to reach law office. A thorough knowledge of business law combined with openness and sincerity is highly valued by clients.
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Kolster: Ask for advice!

10.04.2015 | Articles
There are a number of expert organizations working in collaboration with the Vaasa region enterprise agency, offering their services and expertise for new entrepreneurs. One of these is Kolster Oy Ab, specialized in intellectual property rights. Which means…?
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The entrepreneur is the most important resource

16.03.2015 | Articles
For a new entrepreneur, insurances can be a jungle to get through. When working for someone else, you do not need to think about any work-related insurances, but if you have a business of your own, you have to find out what is needed and make the decisions. For example, an entrepreneur is responsible for financing his or her pension.
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Is it difficult to start an online shop?

12.05.2014 | Articles
Our advisors for new businesses often get customers who are starting their business part-time and on a small scale, and often these plans also involve starting an online shop. According to Startia Manager Tommi Virkama, starting an online shop is cheaper than starting a physical one.
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When can a company sell social services without adding value added tax to the price?

24.03.2014 | Articles
A customer is entitled to tax-free social services if it has been proven that they cannot get through their everyday life without help. The reasons for this may include, for example, ageing, illness, recovery from illness or disability.
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When is a good time to change my company form?

03.02.2014 | Articles
It’s a good idea not just for anyone intending to become an entrepreneur, but also those who have been sole traders or entrepreneurs in a general partnership or limited partnership company for some time, to think about the best form for their company, taking its current activities into account.
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