ExpertKnows webAfter studying in Turku, Anthony Hannus returned to his hometown of Kristinestad, where he had been offered a job. As a nature and exercise enthusiast, the thought of returning to this small town appealed to him. After a while, Hannus, who majored in information systems at Åbo Akademi, was so tempted to start his own business that he left his job and set up in business in order to help other entrepreneurs with their marketing.

“The thought of starting my own business kept running through my mind so much that I had to try it. Fortunately, my boss was very understanding and encouraging, and so I established Hannus Media just over a year ago.”

1 Anthony Hannus 400pxAs a nature and exercise enthusiast, Anthony Hannus is very happy living in a small town like Kristinestad. In this digital age, the Internet provides a great venue for keeping in touch with customers.

Hannus Media helps its clients with online marketing, especially in social media, with the goal of increasing their sales, customers and visibility. Hannus Media also acts as the Vaasa Region Enterprise Agency Startia’s expert partner.

“Some entrepreneurs don’t think it’s necessary to be involved in social media if their customers are businesses, not consumers. The one thing they don’t take into account is the fact that the majority of company decision-makers visit social media at least in their free time,” Hannus points out. “We live in a digital age, and if your company is not visible it's as if it didn’t exist at all. Being visible is especially important for new businesses.”

Customised help with marketing

Hannus Media’s clients are companies of all ages and sizes, located all over Finland. After giving it a try, most of them want to continue their cooperation.

“I implement services for companies, custom-made to meet their needs. Our most popular services are various marketing videos, Facebook marketing campaigns, training and lectures,” Hannus explains.


2 animated ex 400pxWith Hannus Media helping with marketing, the entrepreneur can focus on their business.

Cooperation with a new client always starts off with a consultation meeting where Hannus and the client discuss various aspects of the company, its current marketing and marketing targets. Based on this discussion, Hannus is able to make a recommendation for the best marketing steps for the company, which it can then implement by itself or buy from a service provider.

He believes that one of the most important formulas for success is for an entrepreneur to focus on doing things they are good at and like doing. Less interesting jobs are best given to someone else to take care of, someone who is an expert in that field.


New customers through social media

Hannus explains that a successful social media campaign is one where the company offers its potential customers added value, for example, with an offer relating to the product being sold. If the website of a company selling rolled turf offers free downloadable care instructions for lawns, this provides added value for people interested in gardening. And when a potential customer downloads the instructions, the company receives their contact information for future marketing purposes.

“I have received a lot of feedback from companies who have increased traffic to their website with a Facebook campaign, leading to many potential customers taking advantage of the offer made for the campaign,” he says.

Visibility on Facebook is not expensive and campaigns can be targeted so accurately there that their marketing effect is extremely good, according to Hannus. He has also found custom-made video advertisements effective. Videos can be made, for example, by filming people or various stages of operations, or they can be animations. For instance, Hannus Media’s own video presentation is an excellent example of a great animation.

3 hannus media video 300pxVideo images can be incorporated in Facebook, the company’s website or even in e-mails to customers. They can be watched both on a computer and smart phone.

Hannus welcomes entrepreneurs who are just starting out to come and talk about their marketing needs. The first consultation is always free. Based on the advice received during this consultation, the company can then decide whether to buy the services Hannus Media offers, or to implement the ideas received themselves.

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Text: Johanna Haveri
Photos: Hannus Media, Johanna Haveri
Translation: Taina Pemberton


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